IT Project Management specialized for hotel opening services

Over 300 Hotels Opened We Get it Done Now! Networks Inc. presents: T-60 IT Project Management

Countdown to hotel opening services.

We offer over 20 years of IT and Technology integration and project management with over 300 hotels opened (mostly IHG,) refurbished, upgraded and built from the ground up integrating carrier services, Cisco IHG Connect, Video Surveillance, Mitel, AV Systems and DAS ERRC systems.

Whether it's 3 weeks or 3 months before opening day,
we can and have made the process smoother for many hotel owners.


Launch on Time, Everytime!

We have started projects as early as “just dirt” to jumping in several weeks before opening day.  Our team of techs have worked with IHG, Oracle, DSR, HP, Assa Abloy, Digital Hands, Kaaba, Xerox, Mitel, General Contractors and other key vendors critical to opening your property on time, (or at least for the next targeted date.)

Our methodologies were derived in partnering with HP and Deloitte Consulting on many enterprise projects with one common thread, “Herding Cats.” On my early projects, we managed 40 engineers performing multiple tasks in multiple sites as Kraft Foods spun off Philip Morris and later, civil and military IT projects. GISTEK has been successful in working with GM's, owners, and General Contractors, including an endorsement from Tom Molin, President of Primus Contracting Group, builder of many hotels.

It’s a common misnomer you can’t herd cats, but while the multiple subcontractors on a hotel opening typically “act like cats,” going their own way, we have found we can usually get them to come to a common end, working in parallel to get to opening day.


Organized and Methodical IT Integration

As we approach critical opening day tasks with HP, Oracle, Mitel, Key Vendors and City officials, its important for everyone to be on the same page, which includes making sure the Telco vendor’s cables are in place, HP has front desk furniture installed with cables run underground from the Opera Server location and key Internet connections run from the Netgate, IHG Connect and other Opera connected services and devices.

The integration with Opera is scheduled a few weeks out and if things like tile is not completed and furniture not installed at the front desk, keys don’t work (or haven’t been installed,) you wont open on time.

With Oracle and IHG not on-site, someone must be able to handle the integration components to work with the GM and make adjustments as requested by Oracle and IHG as needed while also working with HP and Digital Hands. This is where we can assist remotely prior to key dates, while organizing and making sure key components in sequence are accomplished to keep things on track.

Further, corrections will need to be made as cables are determined to not be in place i.e. connecting the front desk to the Opera Server, or running additional cables as needed. (Usually there are not enough cables to support front desk computers, key encoders, telephones, printers, and fax machines.


Stay On task, focused on opening

Who will perform these tasks for you? Who will make sure your rooms get walked checking tech? Who will order in the subs to finish the work they were contracted for and over see that it is finished work? Who will work with your GC to build this technology punch list and overlapping contractor tasks?

And who will keep your ownership, IHG and Oracle up to date to make sure things are on schedule or determine what needs to be done to get it on schedule.

If you have someone who can do some of this, we can help keep them on task, focused to opening and offer resolution options when needed.

Where needed, we can fly in key personnel (if locals are not available.)




Specializing in hospitality, commercial and custom home network technology services with experienced network technologists recognized by Cisco, Meraki, HP, Ruckus, Tyco-Exacq, Juniper and Microsoft

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