Contracting T-60



Depending on our entry point, your target opening date and open tasks, we can be contracted on a daily and hourly basis, with hourly charges not exceeding our day rate. Our rates are $1250 day or $150 per hour plus travel M-F, or $1500 day weekends or $200 per hour. Normal travel and per diems will apply. We work an avg 10 hour day.

Following a commitment to engage, we will launch with a 1-2 hour Zoom meeting with key personnel, followed by or with IHG staff, Oracle and other Key Vendors to organize open tasks and projected implementation times, followed by onsite implementation.

Estimated 3 week project fees are $21,750 for consulting including two weekend days and approximately $1750 in travel and per diem fees, estimated total $23,500 with a 50% deposit on agreement, balance due on opening.

In the event additional services such as networking or cabling is required, we can also provide those services if there is no acceptable local vendor. Rates are $75 to $100 per hour with similar travel and per diems

Construction delays or scheduled opening past 3 weeks will accrue additional fees on this schedule with a progress payment due at the original projected date or an agreed date if the projected opening is further than 3 weeks. Opening further than 3 weeks will also accrue additional travel and per diem costs.

We are old school and believe in simply communicating critical information, good or bad, so everyone is
on the same page.


Reporting & Contract Review

We report to ownership, copying IHG, Oracle, the GM, GC and key personnel designated by ownership or person in charge of contracting.

Status, progress, delays and completion of key tasks are reported daily and in real time via email, text and when deemed necessary by phone. We are old school and believe in simply communicating critical information, good or bad, so everyone is on the same page. This is important as Oracle HP, and Digital Hands require advance bookings for key engineering staff.

When running into “road-blocks and challenges,” we will escalate to IHG, Oracle or necessary parties and ownership. In the event costs are involved whether its subcontracting or acquiring a key piece of equipment, we will document and call for approval with an available payment methodology on standby for an expeditious resolution.

As a component of helping you to complete this project to opening day, we will review contracts for Key Services, (Kaaba, Assa Abloy, Mitel Vendor, Carrier services, HP etc.) In reviewing prior contracts we often find something that has been committed, but forgotten or in some cases double billed. In a recent project we were able to recover costs in credits and prevent double billing which amounted to over $50,000. Finding these cost component deviations more than paid for our services. The common statement I hear from owners and controllers is we really didn’t know what we were looking at when it comes to technology. We do and will watch your back.




Specializing in hospitality, commercial and custom home network technology services with experienced network technologists recognized by Cisco, Meraki, HP, Ruckus, Tyco-Exacq, Juniper and Microsoft

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