Covid-19 & Certifications

In today’s COVID-19 world, business goes on! Unfortunately it's not the same for everyone and most likely your hotel’s opening has been delayed as a result of key vendors not coming on site, vendor no-show or late, key hotel staff missing, construction or employees contracting COVID-19 and it's all impacting your hotel’s opening, with losses piling up daily.


Staying on Track in a Post COVID-19 World

Currently IHG & Oracle are not coming on-site to do their normal implementation work, HP and other key vendors are over booked and understaffed making it hard to schedule as had previously taken place for IHG property openings, pre Covad-19.

60 days from your original opening date may have long since passed, our goal is to bring you back on track to opening day and achieve that goal, identifying stumbling blocks and checking them off!

In the days since the pandemic started, most hotel opening dates have slipped many times.

Almost every phase of the hotel’s openings have been affected, contractors are short-handed and falling behind on their original contracted completion dates, overwhelming the General Contractor, General Manager and ownership group.

What is forgotten, is in normal times, many tasks are overlooked or may not have even been entered into anyone’s task or project management list. Add this to COVID-19 and you have lots of stress and missed revenue.

Common tasks overlooked, which on their own will keep you from opening on time.

  • Critical Cable runs are missed or run to the wrong destination
  • Netgate, Business Center or other key equipment was not ordered/installed
  • Common Area Services omitted or delayed, AV, dedicated bandwidth for IHG
  • Door Locks do not work, Keys can’t be made, Construction Keys are outdated
  • Equipment installed in wrong locations
  • TV’s do not work, who do you call.
  • Energy Managed electrical components not marked or programmed improperly.
  • Telephone Services are ordered incorrectly, don’t work all rooms,
  • IHG Telco plates not ordered per IHG requirements
  • Multiple Networks - Staff doesn’t have a clue where to plug anything in
  • GC & GM think the other has a task and no one does
  • Critical Safety Components overlooked or incomplete,
  • Emergency Access Plan incomplete, wrong number of Knox Boxes, Key Types required by city
  • Emergency Telco Lines/Phones Not in place for elevator, pool, gym
  • (TOC) Temporary Occupancy Cert in jeopardy
  • No One is Managing Key Opening Dates with HP, Oracle, IHG, Keys, Telco
  • Open Tasks you were expecting FF&E to do, were not done; now they are gone.

Safety & Technolgy Certifications

With GM's, GC’s and owners overwhelmed, many are grasping for air and some relief.

Our staff has many safety and technology certifications including ladder and asbestos safety which is most closely related to our current COVID-19 situation. We have been in masks and gloves since February 9, 2021, adapting what had been the European separation standard of at least 10’. While we work closely with each other and your staff, we wont work too close and will enforce masks and social distancing to a fault, even placing hand wash and COVID-19 work area signs in places we will need to work with your staff. And we will leave an area that is not following social distance and mask standards, reporting to management and ownership. We will not tolerate endangerment to staff, yours or ours; this will only cause you another 3 week delay if someone gets COVID-19.

When contracted, as a component to assisting you in the most expeditious manner, we request designation as “The Owners Advocate,” per IHG contracting rules and “Safety Officer.” This allows us to work on your behalf to engage with Oracle, IHG, DSR, Assa Abloy, Kaaba, Mitel, HP, Digital Hands and your other vendors and sub-contractors.

We keep you up to date as to status changes, issues discovered/resolved and any date changes. We will push dates UP, rather than let them drag or be delayed.

We mention this as there is always resistance from building trades, many of which think they are immune because they work outside. Our staff have survived Europe and four construction sites in the past 120 days where there were 6 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Since we kept our distance and wear masks, we were not considered exposed. Our staff also take a daily temperature reading and report in with such.




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