Never Worry About Opening on time again

Pre-Opening Day Checklist

  • COVID-19 Safety – Enforcement, Testing, +Plan
  • T-X - Count down days to Opening Date
  • Opening Day Scheduling, Date / Task Sequences
  • TOC Check Off, set target Inspections/Date(s) with GC
  • Construction Detail Completed Walls
    - Painted, Floors installed / grouted, Counters & Front desk cables installed
  • Keys, Oracle, IHG, HP, Digital Hands, Mitel
  • Carriers Installed – Fiber, SIP, Analog / Coax for Guest, IHG & Phones
  • DSR - ATT Netgate – Schedule & Install
    - WAN1, WAN2, Setup & Connect
  • Opera-Oracle -Coordinated Remote Install - Interface Integration
    - Schedule for Training,
    - Digital Hands - Testing Post Install
  • HP Install 1 – Scheduled Onsite
    Note:Cable plant previously in place between MDF, Opera Server Location, Training area
    - Opera Server, Switches, Workstations Installed for Training
    - Digital Hands – Crowd Strike Activated with Admin On
  • Cabling Open Items to check
    - Confirm MDF to OperaServer
    - Opera Server to Training area, FrontDesk – Data & Phones
    - Emergency Phone Lines - Elevator, Gym, Pool, Other Areas
    - FrontDoors – to front Desk, Card Key Locations
    - All incomplete IHG Connect Locations completed, rooms, common areas - Tested Fluke, Vendor Recalled
    - Resolve, contract & Install
  • Key Vendor Installation (Kaaba, Assa, Other)
    - Confirm all doors installed
    - ID end date for construction keys / renew
    - Key Server Installed - Key Server integrated with Opera Interface (Scheduled) - Encoders Installed, Server area, Training, FrontDesk
    - Emergency Door Keys made installed Knox Boxes
    - Training
    - Front Desk making Keys
  • Mitel Phone System Installation
    - Carrier SIP Trunk Installed
    - Mitel Head End equipment Installed
    - SIP and Analog phone lines integrated to Mitel
    - Front Desk, Back Office & Room Phones programmed
    - Main Number ported from Analog to Main SIP Trunk
    - Messaging & Music On Hold Setup & Tested
    - IHGIVR (Reservations forwarding) Scheduled – Tested
    - Network Interface to IHG Connect completed VLANS
    - Room Phones Installed with IHG Overlays
    - Front Desk – Back Office Phones Installed
    - All Phones tested for proper caller / room location ID o Punch List & Resolve open items
    - Call Accounting Installed
    - Opera Interface from Mitel Installed
  • HP Install 2
    - Work stations put into place front desk
    - Printers & Encoders placed front desk
    - Credit Cards Setup Tested
    - Final Oracle – Digital Hands Integration & Testing Completed
  • Guest & Misc. Networks Installed
    - IHG Connect Wi-Fi Installed
    - Business Center Installed (May be with HP Install 2) or 3rd Party
    - Back Office Connected
    - AV System for Common Area Music setup and installed
    - Xerox or other Back Office Printer Fax Installed
    - Time Clock Connected, Installed
  • COVID-19 Preparations Completed
    - COVID-19 Shields Installed Front Desk
    - COVID-19 Documents Installed Placed in Common Areas
    - TOC Components & Inspections Completed
    - Common Area & Room Inspections (Completed Internal)
    - Final IHG Walk Through for Opening (Remote with GM)

This is a preliminary Check List of components that will need to take place and be coordinated prior to and up to opening day. It is not a complete list as our initial meetings and onsite follow- up and remote sessions with IHG, Oracle and working with critical path vendors will uncover additional items that may need to be inserted, scheduled and completed in order to make your targeted Opening Day.

Our next step is to meet (Zoom) or On-site if your company is ready to commit, get under contract and start as soon as possible with your new target Opening Day in sight.




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